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About company

El Hamd is a leading Egyptian company that was founded in 1996 and has been growing in the Egyptian market ever since. We adhere to all the international standard requirements and we specialize in manufacturing parts for grid substation 500 /220/66 KV and overhead line OHL 500 /220/66 KV. Our products include:

– All types of connectors (copper, aluminum, bimetallic) for all outdoor equipment and transformers for grid substations 500/220/66 KV, such as surge arrestors, CVT, GIB bushing, etc.

– OHTL hardware fittings for conductors, such as mid span joint, spacer, vibration dampers, suspension and dead-end clamps for all types of conductors

– Insulators hardware fittings and accessories for OHL 220 / 66 KV

– Earthing materials for grid substation and OHTL

– All kinds of nails, iron and steel, washers and nuts of different sizes and types

– Spare parts for metal machining

– High-quality bi metal panels

– Earthing and lightning protection accessories

– Low voltage accessories

– Disc Insulator 11 KV.

– Pin Insulator 11 & 22 KV

We are proud to introduce our company and our owner, who has a vision of providing high-quality products and services to our customers.


Founder / CHAIRMAN: Mr / Abd-ELhameed Moawed

Partner and Former CEO of EL-Hamd Company for Import, Export and supplies.

Co-Founder / CEO : Eng / Abdullah Abd-Elhameed


To be the leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality accessories for earthing, lightning protection, overhead transmission lines and low voltage applications in the Egyptian and regional markets, and to provide innovative solutions for electrical and industrial projects that meet the needs and expectations of our customers.









Customers of EL Hamed company:

The Company gained the full confidence of our Clients We support this confidence with
Using high-quality materials. Special designs to meet each client’s specs. Skilled and super qualified Engineers. Comply with all International standards.After-sales Services. Perfect delivery time


  • Egyptian electricity transmission company (EETC )

  • ABB.

  • Siemens.


  • EL SWEEDY Group


  • KHARAFI National.

  • MEGA.


  • SUMED.


  • Sieyuan Electric.

  • Kahromecha.

  • Energya.

  • Chint.