Pre insulated junction Sleeve

These pre-insulated aluminum sleeves are suitable for insulated aluminum conductors.

Stripped cables are inserted up to the block in the connector. Crimping according to the marks with appropriate crimping die over the insulation. The electrical contact andthe sealing by the ring is achieved during the crimp process.

Uniform connector length was about 100mm. Suitable for aluminum conductors, the sealing ring color coded to easier identify the cross sections, Inner aluminum sleeve filled with contact grease, Insulation material made of weather resistant polymer. The aluminum sleevesmade of aluminum alloy.

Piercing insulated Clamp

    • An insulated piercing clamp is also called an insulation piercing connector, it is a type of transmission line accessory that is used for creating a tap connection. The connector can be used on different types of transmission cables, whether it is aerial bundled connectors or naked copper mains.

    • Insulated piercing clamps are made of UV-resistant thermoplastic fiber which is reinforced with tinned copper for extra strength and protection. It also features a steel bolt and head nut. These parts come in different dimensions depending on the specific areas of applications.

    • The insulated clamp ensures that no electric current flows through it especially when clamping live wires. This insulation feature is also relevant for the insulated strands.

    • The ergonomic design of the clamp makes it easy to clamp strands. The end cap is flexible to guide the wires that are connecting. The process of installing an insulated piercing clamp is easy as it does not require twisting and stripping wires.

    • Compact design and all the components are well secured

    • The UV resistant thermoplastic fiberglass is durable and can withstand harsh conditions

    • Exerts low clamping pressure during the installation to shield the cable from damage

    • Applicable for different cable diameters

LV Suspension Clamp

  • The Low Voltage (LV) Suspension Clamp is designed for supporting aerial bundle clamp (ABC) that is used to control and prevent any damages from wind-induced vibration and to also protect the conductor directly during the installation load. It has a messenger cable holding sizes ranging from 25 to 120 mm². The suspension clamp provides a safe mechanical connection even when exposed to harsh environments and is also able to withstand high humid temperature.

LV Tension
[ Dead End] Clamp

dead end clamps are of high quality and affordable, and account for a very high proportion of the company’s accessory sales.

The dead-end clamp material we produce is made of metal or plastic with the highest purity. ZMS Cable Company not only produces high-quality dead-end clamp accessories but also high-quality other overhead line fittings (strain clamp, suspension clamps, insulation piercing clamps, groove clamps, PVC bird flight diverter, down lead clamps, or other overhead fixtures).


Dead End Clamp (Tension Clamp) Characteristics

● The mechanical strength of the tension clamp is high, and its grip strength is greater than 95% CUTS.

● Simple installation and construction aspect.

● Anti-theft device can be installed to avoid theft.

● The material of tension clip is a weather-resistant insulating material.

● Excellent anti-corrosion properties and resistance to electrochemical corrosion.

● It can effectively improve the way of shock resistance of electric wire. Extend the service life of the wire.


Galvanized Steel Structure designed for holding 5 Insulator carrier Hanging on Lighting pole 


Hock Holder
[ Insulator Carrier]

Galvanized steel Hock attached to Lighting pole used for holding insulators.